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Elite Safari Tour Experience

Providing Everything You Need

Safari Zoo - Dvur Klarove

One of the most engaging and highly recommended Safari experiences, most tourists are unaware of, it is culturally rich and well-known for holding events that unite cultures from all over the world to share their cultural fabric in terms of food, dance competitions, astounding natural beauty.

African Experience

Dive into the heart of Africa right here in Dvur Klarove with our immersive Safari Tour experience. We will take you on a journey, every moment offers a glimpse into the wonders of the African wilderness. Let us transport you to a world of adventure and discovery, where each step brings you closer to the magic of the safari. Join us for an unforgettable journey that promises excitement, education, and memories to last a lifetime

Cultural Intergration

History is an important aspect of our lives, one view of cultural integration was an unseeable event of harnessing our fears of being in one ecosystem with the animals we deemed as dangerous and highlighting how the previous generations had to adapt as we dive into the heart of Africa with you, in your comfort.

Our Tour

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  • 420 Kč per person including tickets

  • Inclusive price range for pick up at any location in Pardubice

  • Luxury of workspace, free of charge.


Inclusive Package

  •  Drop off and pick up from any site location in Pardubice

  • Water refreshment on Board

  • Luxury of workspace, free of charge.

  • Tour duration 4 hours

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Optional Services

  • Guided Tour experience with EliteTrans

  •  Guide safari adventure with our optional professional walking guides.

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